The Metro Tournament Winners March 11 to March 17

The Metro Tournament Winners March 11 to March 17

Metro Monday Bounty Tournament Champion

Metro Tuesday 20k Tournament Champion

Metro Wednesday Bounty Tournament Champion

Metro Thursday 20k Tournament Champion

Metro Friday 100k Tournament Champion

Mar 16: VINCE N. JR.
Saturday Deepstack Tournament Champion

Metro Sunday 20k Tournament Champion

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The Metro Tournament Winners February 25 to March 10

The Metro Tournament Winners February 25 to March 10, 2013

Feb 25: BOY YAP
Monday Bounty Tournament Champion

Metro Tuesday 40k Tournament Champion

Metro Wednesday Bounty Tournament Champion

Metro Thursday 20k Tournament Champion

Metro Friday 100k Tournament Champion

Saturday Bounty Tournament Champion

Metro Sunday 20k Tournament Champion

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Caesars Backed AGA Opposes PokerStars Purchase in A.C.

The Atlantic Club purchase has not gone off without a hitch as the American Gaming Association recently filed a 26-page brief opposing PokerStars’ petition for interim casino authorization in the state.

The lobby group claimed PokerStars “was operated as a criminal enterprise for many years” referring to the site’s continued presence in the U.S. after UIGEA.

The AGA went on to say that allowing PokerStars to be licensed would send a damaging message to the gaming world.

Sen. Jim Whelan feels differently. He has come out in support of the PokerStars deal and alleged that Caesars Entertainment, which owns numerous casinos in Atlantic City, is using the AGA to keep their competition out of the area.

“They are motivated by greed,” said Whelan. “They want to keep foreign investors out… The gaming association is their vehicle.”

PokerStars insists that its suitability for a gaming license in the U.S. is a matter for experienced regulators to decide.


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Forbes: Caesars Offered WSOP, Rio to PokerStars

Caesars Entertainment offered to sell the Rio All-Suites Hotel and the WSOP brand to PokerStars, according to a new report by Forbes.

It’s a surprising move by Caesars considering the two companies have been considered rivals since PokerStars continued to operate in the U.S. after UIGEA passed in 2006.

According to Forbes the deal was offered to PokerStars in February and the massive online gaming site eventually turned it down.

There was a statement by PokerStars Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser on the issue:

Caesars Entertainment approached PokerStars and offered to sell us certain assets, such as the Rio Casino in Las Vegas. Caesars suggested that this acquisition would give us a better relationship with Caesars and would help PokerStars gain a license in Nevada.

PokerStars declined the offer because we had no plans to acquire another casino in the near term.

Meanwhile PokerStars recently went through with plans to buy the Atlantic Club in New Jersey. It’s the first casino the company has attempted to purchase in the U.S.


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Marcel Luske: Poker Needs Standardized Rules

Marcel Luske was already known to be a gentleman and a character in the poker world, when most of today’s stars were still wearing rompers.

Having established himself as a “global” player, Luske decided to tackle a problem all travelling players encounter: different rules in different places, which can lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary friction.

FIDPA Means Equality for Poker Players

The idea of the Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FIDPA) is as simple as it is powerful: To implement an internationally approved set of rules. It was introduced in 2008, consists of 81 rules, and is available as a free download from the FIDPA website.

“No matter if you play in the Bellagio, or the Wynn, or in a tournament anywhere in the world, you always depend on the rules of the house”, says Luske.

“So, the player has to learn new rules anywhere he goes. Now we don’t complain about the rules being too difficult. We complain about that, there is no consistency.”

Primarily aimed at the players’ satisfaction, the FIDPA rules would also make things easier for the staff, says Luske.

“With a single set of rules in place, dealers and floormen can go and work all over the world wherever they want, without being insecure and without having to get more training in their respective working places.”

Because of widely differing jurisdictions, the rules had to be tweaked and adapted in several instances. The result being that several national poker associations have committed themselves to the FIDPA, like the ones in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Finland, the US, Brazil, and most of Eastern Europe.

Bellagio, PokerStars and GPI all use FIDPA rules.

Among the endorsed members of the FIDPA is the Bellagio in Las Vegas, which has used FIDPA rules for four and a half years now, the Circus Groupe, the Australian Poker League (APL), and Holland Casino.

“Today, the Tournament Directors Association (TDA), the Global Poker Index (GPI), and PokerStars use our international rules,” said Luske.


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Tom Schneider Appears in Short Cameo

A major point of interest to poker fans is the appearance of two-time WSOP bracelet winner Tom Schneider in a non-speaking cameo role.

Schneider plays Glenn Heidbreder, a dealer at the 1997 Palermo Poker Classic who in fact is involved in the cheating scheme that ultimately leads to the string of murders years later.

Last month Schneider was contacted by the show’s producer whom he’d met at a golf tournament a few years ago.

Schneider both appeared in the episode and served as technical director for the poker scenes.

The producer asked Schneider if he knew anyone in Los Angeles who could serve as a technical director for poker on an episode, and as it turned out Schneider himself ended up filling the role.

Schneider and his wife, Julie — who some may know is an accomplished player herself, having earned a third-place finish in a WSOP event in 2009 — read the script, then traveled to L.A. to meet with the producers to discuss it.

“There were a few things the writer didn’t change that we think our poker-playing friends are going to criticize us for,” Schneider told PokerListings, including the fact that a player at the 1997 PPC final table is shown eating chicken wings.

Perhaps the makers were inspired by a real-life WSOP-related incident, namely Tiffany Michelle’s infamous plate of fries at the 2008 Main Event.

While there as a consultant, Schneider was recruited to play the role as a poker dealer.

“I have some special skills from learning magic a long time ago,” Schneider explains, and in fact his handiwork is both shown and becomes part of the plot as his character turns out to be in on the scheme.

It sounds like the experience was a lot of fun for Schneider, if not overly profitable. “They spent four hours on my scene that will probably be on air for 20 seconds. After receiving my paycheck for four days’ work, I have a min buy-in for a tight $20-$40 mix game.”


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Tickets to Champions League Final Up for Grabs on PokerListings

It’s the grand prize in’s latest Competition of the Month where all entrants have to do is answer a trivia question on the site.

The overall prize package is valued at €5,040 with winners also receiving two nights accommodation at a four-star hotel in London on May 25, 2013.

Last year football fans witnessed a thrilling game that saw Chelsea defeat Bayern Munich 4-3 on penalties following a 1-1 draw after extra time in the Champions League Final.

Meanwhile last month’s PokerListings Competition of the Month went to Angel Longares Rubio from Zaragoza, Spain. Rubio won tickets to see Real Madrid vs. Barcelona in El Clásico, which actually takes place today.

“I want to thank PokerListings for making it possible to see El Clásico in person,” said Rubio.

PokerListings is running a different competition every month in 2013 to celebrate the site’s 10-year anniversary.

Tickets to the Super Bowl and El Clásico have already been given away but there are plenty of amazing prizes to be won including UFC tickets, getting to party at the Playboy Mansion and an epic ski trip.


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