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The Metro Card Club

The Metro Card Club is the outcome of a vision shared by a handful of people with a true passion for the game of Poker. Since 2007, we have been at the forefront of the local Poker industry, blazing the trail for its tremendous growth up to the present. Today, The Metro has established itself as the first brick and mortar card club in the country located outside a casino. The Metro is here to provide the best service to the community of players that helped build it.

Our Mission

We value our community of players above everything else, and will always ensure that the best service is provided equally to each individual. We will never compromise our values when it comes to how we run our games, making sure that we always follow the highest standards possible, and the best structures to preserve the quality of the players’ gaming experience. We are here to promote the game, ensure its integrity, and give our members a secure, legal, and enjoyable place to play. At The Metro, we put players first.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make The Metro Card Club the standard by which all other poker rooms will be measured. We aim to make the Philippines the place to play Poker in Asia, and be competitive with the rest of the world in the Poker industry. We are committed to promoting the game of Poker all over the country, providing players with a sense of community among other players and a place where they feel safe, secure, and comfortable while playing the game.