Riener Magbutay III stopped in runner-up

There really wasn’t much Riener Magbutay could do after losing 99 percent of his chips to William Ysmael. He shoved blind twice, and won both. On the third one, Ysmael held Q-1-0 and Magbutay with J-3. The board came 6-4-6-5-4 and it was all over. Magbutay finished in a respectable 2nd place for a P285,000 payout.

William Ysmael cracks kings! Riener Magbutay crippled to one big blind

After several exchanges, William Ysmael and Riener Magbutay III were all in with fairly even stacks. Ysmael held J-J while Magbutay had him dominated with K-K. As the rail cheered on, the dealer felted 9-A-6 with Magbutay closing in on victory. The A turn still had Magbutay ahead but when the J landed on fifth street, the crowd was in disbelief. Ysmael improved to a full house to crack kings and double up. Magbutay fell to 91k, which was slightly above one big blind.

Heads up between William Ysmael and Riener Magbutay III

We are down to the final heads up round with the P560,000 and the title up for grabs! William Ysmael is slightly up in chips against Riener Magbutay III. Good luck to both players!


George Salud ends in 3rd place

William Ysmael is in full pursuit of the title. Shortly after sending home John Lambert Sarmiento, he eliminated George Salud in 3rd place. The hand saw a big pot brewed in the middle and a turn board 7-6-7-10. Ysmael checked to Salud who moved all in. This tanked Ysmael for just a bit then he called. Salud had 2-2 which was well dominated by Ysmael’s 10-9. After the river 9 was felted, Ysmael shipped in the chips and Salud went to the cage to collect his P147,000 winnings.

John Lambert Sarmiento settles for 4th place

John Lambert Sarmiento was the leader entering the final day and he owned that status for quite some time. After he took a big hit that cost him the lead, he couldn’t bounce back. Sarmiento’s run for the title ended just moments ago in 3rd place. His final hand was K-5 shove that ran into William Ysmael’s K-K. Sarmiento earned P90,000 for his impressive run at the main event.

William Ysmael takes on the chip leader

William Ysmael kicked the hand off with a raise only to hear Riener Magbutay III announce all in. Ysmael snap-called for the showdown. Ysmael with A-K and Magbutay with 5-5. The board ran 3-Q-J-K-A. Ysmael climbed to around 2.3M and is running second in chips now.

BLINDS UP: LEVEL 29 35,000-70,000 ante 10,000

Venoni Paltep aka Bong dries up in 5th place

After losing a showdown that brought his stack to below one big blind, Venoni Paltep Jr, had no other moves left but to shove. He successfully tripled up then doubled up, but on his next shove, he was eliminated by George Salud. His final hand was J-9 against A-8 on a board of 2-7-5-7-K.

William Ysmael goes up, Venoni Paltep tumbles

William Ysmael and Venoni Paltep had fairly the same stacks and both faced off putting their shorts stacks in the middle. Ysmael had a slight lead with his A-10 against Paltep’s A-7. The board ran 9-J-K-5-K and Ysmael won it with his better kicker. Paltep dropped below one big blind.

Riener Magbutay III takes the lead

For the first time all day a new leader has taken the helm. Riener Magbutay III got the best of the leader John Lambert Sarmiento, taking down a massive pot worth over 4.7M. The hand saw a spread of Ac-8s-Qc-Jc-5h. Sarmiento held Qh-9s but it was way behind Magbutay’s Qh-9s.

Dave Erquiaga gets hit then bows out in 6th place

Dave Erquiaga had a steady rise all day bringing up his stack to become one of the chip leaders. All his efforts however came crashing down in just two hands with the first one most critical. He three-bet Riener Magbutay’s raise from 170k to 320k and got the call from Magbutay. At the flop of 2h-10s-9h, both stacks found themselves quickly at stake. Magbutay had Kh-Qh flush draw and Erquiaga with 9c-9s set. The turn Jc granted Magbutay a straight, improving him to a better five cards spread and with the river 3h he only got better to climb to 1.6M while Erquiaga dropped to 170k.

Erquiaga bowed out shortly after with his 5-5 defeated by chip leader John Lambert Sarmiento with K-7 on a running board of 3-10-8-K-3.

Chip count update

6 players remaining

George Salud 1M
Dave Erquiaga 1.47M
Venoni Paltep Jr 950k
John Lambert Sarmiento 3.5M chip leader
William Ysmael 850k
Riener Magbutay III 900k

BLINDS UP: LEVEL 28 30,000-60,000 ante 10,000

George Salud survives with quads

George Salud had to dodge John Lambert Sarmiento’s two overcards to stay in the running. He did much more than that. His 4-4 all was up against K-6. The board drew out to 4-4-J-9-3 for a good looking quad fours. He double up to nearly 1M.

Riener Magbutay III goes down and up

Riener Magbutay III was seen in two all in moments with a 50-50 result. The first one was up against George Salud who had A-6 against his A-5. The board came Q-Q-7-6-4 for two pair to Salud. Magbutay paid 279k for the double up.

The next all in saw Magbutay with A-8 and Dave Erquiaga making the call with K-3. The board spread 7-5-9-K-6 for a straight on the river. He doubled up to over 650k.

Sarmiento dominating; JC Sayo out in 7th place

The chip leader John Sarmiento continues to dust the field with his massive stack. He downsized to the field to 6 players with JC Sayo taking the next fall. Sayo was all in with Ac-Ks and Sarmiento called with Ah-Jh. With the first three cards running 9h-6h-4h, it was all over for Sayo. Sarmiento’s nut flush shipped in all of Sayo’s chips while the 7c turn and 2h river were just for formality. Sayo earned P44,000 for his deep run.

Christopher Lingbaoan eliminated in 8th place

Christopher Lingbaoan was seen shoving his short stack a few times and picking up the blinds and antes with no callers. This time however, it was not to be. He was called by the chip leader John Sarmiento that led to his elimination in 8th place. Lingbaoan had Qc-10c and Sarmiento with Ac-9d. The board spit out nothing but blanks, Js-3s-4c-Kc-2d. Lingbaoan earned 36,000 for his deep run.

BLINDS UP: LEVEL 27 25,000-50,000 ante 5,000

Patrick Jolas Guerrero files out in 9th place

Patrick Jolas Guerrero was eliminated by Dave Erquiaga in 9th place. The shoves were at the flop of Ac-2c-3c. Erquiaga had Qc-4c flush while Guerrero had bunk 7h-8d. Seeing he had no chance of catching up, he filed out in 9th place. He earned P32,000 for his deep run.

Arnold Santiago falls in 10th place

The first casualty of the final table has just been delivered and it was Arnold Santiago taking the fall. Despite doubling up through George Salud at the start of the round, he could not get past Venoni Paltep Jr. The hand began with Paltep raising to 95k, Santiago all in, Paltep with the call. Santiago had A-K and Paltep with J-J. The board ran 9-2-9-5-J for a full house to Paltep and Santiago the 10th place spot. He earned P28,000 for his deep run.

BLINDS UP: LEVEL 26 20,000-40,000 5,000 ante

Patrick Jolas Guerrero in danger

Patrick Jolas Guerrero lost a sizable chunk of his stack to William Ysmael and has fallen down to just three big blinds. The hand kicked off with Guerrero bumping it up to 70k and the call was answered by Ysmael. At the flop of Ks-Jh-2s, both players checked. On the 9h turn, Ysmael led for 95k and was called, On the 5h river, Ysmael continued and dropped 125k to the pot. Guerrero flat-called again. Ysmael won with his Kc-7c top pair. Guerrero dropped to 167k.

Another attempt by Salud doubles up Arnold Santiago

George Salud almost eliminated Lingbaoan in the previous hand but fate had other plans. Following that, he attempted to eliminate Arnold Santiago, however he doubled him up instead. Santiago was all in with As-Qh and Salud with 10s-10c. The board ran Kd-Ac-Kh-4c-2d for a higher two pair to Santiago. Santiago now over 500k while Salud sits with around 700k.

Christopher Lingbaoan just misses the rail

First hand of the final table drew immediate action with Christopher Lingbaoan all in. He was called down the ellipse by George Salud. Lingbaoan opened up A-6 which was way behind Salud’s A-Q. The board however offered some luck to Lingbaoan as it ran K-8-3-8-8 for a split pot.

Final Table players and estimated chip counts

S1: JC Sayo – 500k
S2: Arnold Santiago – 260k
S3: George Salud – 1,060M
S4: Dave Erquiaga – 1.6M
S5: Venoni Paltep Jr – 850k
S6:Patrick Jolas Guerrero – 540k
S7: Christopher Lingbaoan – 260k
S8: John Lambert Sarmiento – 2M
S9:William Ysmael – 824k
S10: Riener Magbutay III – 600k

Dave Erguiaga sends Butch Monton packing in 11th place

Dave Erquiaga denied Carlos Monton a seat to the final table by sending him packing up in 11th place. Monton was all in with 8-8 and Erquiaga had A-10. The board drew out A-7-3-Q-10 for two pair to Erquiaga. Monton earned P24,000.

The hand for hand round has just ended and we are headed for the final table with 10 players remaining.

JC Sayo doubles up through Ysmael

JC Sayo got the pick-me-up he needed against William Ysmael to ship in half a million chips. Ysmael had Qc-Js and Sayo with Ac-6h. The board bricked.


Sean Patrick Lloyd Porcia dives out in 12th place

Sean Patrick Lloyd Porcia hasn’t moved too much in chips since the start of the day, entering the new level with 900k.Though that was still healthy,he lost it all in three hands. On the first two occasions he faced off against Dave Erquiaga. Erquiaga won the first pot, and it was a huge one, to climb over 1M. On a flop of 8s-6d-6h, Erquiaga raised all in and Porcia begged off.

The next hand, Erquiaga raised to 66k and Porcia called on the small blind. At the flop of Ac-8c-Jh, Erquiaga shoved, Porcia call while putting himself at risk. Erquiaga opened up Ah-8s for two pair and Porcia with As-6s. The 5s was no help to Porcia with the Jd river was for a save on a split pot.

Unfortunately for Porcia, his run for the title would still fall flat. He was railed in 12th place by William Ysmael with 5-5 holding up against A-K. Porcia earned P24,000.

Edgardo Pinga heads out in 13th place

Before we could get a look at the action, Edgardo Pinga was out in 13th place. He was eliminated by the massive chip leader John Lambert Sarminento. He earned P20,000.

BLINDS UP: LEVEL 25 15,000-30,000 ante 5,000

Break time update

13 players remaining. John Lambert Sarmiento continues to rule with nearly 2.1M in chips. His closest opponent is George Salud with 970k.

Hilario Vicente Lagnada exits in 14th place

Hilario Vicente Lagnada entered the day with the shortest stack and managed to hold on for a few rounds with a few double ups. But with the blinds continuously increasing, he was unable to keep up and met his end in 14th place. He moved all in with A-5 and Venoni Paltep Jr sent him out with J-9 on a board of J-7-10-4-2. Lagnada earned P20,000.

Rodrigo Sequite out in 15th place

Attempting a steal with his short stack, button player Rodrigo Sequite jammed but was stopped in his tracks by the day’s entering chip leader John Lambert Sarmiento. Sequite held Kc-2d that was unable to improve against Sarmiento’s 8-8. Sequite