Welcome to the Final Day of the Metro Card Club 2 MILLION Guaranteed Main Event! The past days saw 707 runners take on the challenge, and last night 18 fierce poker warriors survived Day 2 bringing them one step closer to the title and the P610,000 first prize.

Gauging by the lineup, this is going to be one thrilling final day with the field stacked with the creme de la creme of the Philippines.

At the helm is John Tech ranked 3rd in the country’s All Time Money List (per Hendon Mob). Tech has been camped out in the upper tier since Day 1B and took command at the end of Day 2 with his 1,491,500 stack.

John Tech

While Tech is a seasoned pro with stats dating back to 2009, he will have his work cut out. Seated at the same table is second rank Lester Edoc with 1,207,000. Edoc is having a fantastic year at the felt with three huge victories and a total of six cashes in the five-digit range. He also has a few Metro championship titles under his belt.

Running third in chips is another strong competitor, Marc Rivera, with 1,153,000. Rivera may not be as decorated with titles as the top two leaders however he has been outstanding this summer. Rivera ran deep in a few WSOP events and he recently won the APPT Manila National event overcoming a massive field of 829 entries.

Joining the top three in the million range is Ronald Dimaano with 1,005,000. If Dimaano pulls off a win today, he will have earned the largest payout of his live tournament poker career.

Mike Takayama

The top four players have built up quite a huge gap from the rest of the players. Among the chasing pack is Mike Takayama, considerably the most well known player from the Philippines. Littered with championship titles, in late June, Takayama added a big one. He became the first Filipino to win a WSOP bracelet. Earlier in the year, he was also the first Filipino to win a PSPC Platinum Pass. Takayama is ranked 1st in the GPI Philippines. He enters the final day with 315,500, roughly around 19 bbs.

The final day kicks off at 3pm. Important game info below:

Average stack: 586,655
Total chips in play: 10,559,800
Opening blinds: Level 23 – Blinds 8000-16000 ante 2000
Level intervals: 40 minutes
Prize pool: P2,474,500
1st place: P610,000

We will have live updates right here on the site so be on the lookout for that posting. You can also join us on the rail as we await the arrival of the newest Metro 2M champion.

Good luck to all the players!

Final Day players (by chip count)

1 John Tech 1,491,500
2 Lester Edoc 1,207,000
3 Marc Rivera 1,153,000
4 Ronald Dimaano 1,005,000
5 Harold Ian Acosta 636,000
6 Euryd Rivera 613,000
7 Carlos Monton 607,500
8 Jesus Rivera 582,000
9 Mark Jerick Almusajin 575,000
10 James Arnan Moriles 566,000
11 Jasper Salonga David 479,500
12 Mike Takayama 315,500
13 Carlo Rey Calingasan 306,000
14 Christopher Vecino Mateo 258,000
15 Joemark Vasay 227,000
16 John Jay Magadan 222,500
17 Benjamin Mangaliman 211,000
18 Harvey Orbeta 102,000

Final Day players seat assignments

1 Marc Rivera 1,153,000 Table 17 Seat 1
2 Harold Ian Acosta 636,000 Table 17 Seat 2
3 Ronald Dimaano 1,005,000 Table 17 Seat 3
4 Lester Edoc 1,207,000 Table 17 Seat 4
5 Christopher Vecino Mateo 258,000 Table 17 Seat 5
6 John Tech 1,491,500 Table 17 Seat 6
7 Jasper Salonga David 479,500 Table 17 Seat 7
8 Carlo Rey Calingasan 306,000 Table 17 Seat 8
9 Harvey Orbeta 102,000 Table 17 Seat 9


1 Benjamin Mangaliman 211,000 Table 16 Seat 1
2 Mark Jerick Almusajin 575,000 Table 16 Seat 2
3 Mike Takayama 315,500 Table 16 Seat 3
4 Euryd Rivera 613,000 Table 16 Seat 4
5 John Jay Magadan 222,500 Table 16 Seat 5
6 Jesus Rivera 582,000 Table 16 Seat 6
7 Joemark Vasay 227,000 Table 16 Seat 7
8 Carlos Monton 607,500 Table 16 Seat 8
9 James Arnan Moriles 566,000 Table 16 Seat 9

Day 2 payouts

Day 2 opened with 103 players with 71 of them seeing a payout. See list below:

Eliminations 19th – 36th – P12,250
19th Jolas Guerrero
20th Christopher Chua
21st Alexander Lai
22nd Danilo Ruperto Jr
23rd Mark Amparo
24th Joven Huerto
25th Francois Castillo
26th Jayson Panti
27th Rene Pacayra
28th Ken Kobayashi
29th Dave Spade
30th Flo Campomanes
31st John Francis King
32nd Sandy Cea
33rd Liberty Icao
34th Bernard Chua
35th Kenneth Ong
36th Eric Manoos

Eliminations 37th – 45th – P8,750
37th Reigin Leongson
38th Markus Hennig
39th Joseph Sia
40th Edward Penaflorida
41st Alexis Lim
42nd Potenciano Llanas
43rd Arnold Mercado
44th Richard Tabug
45th Rene Echevarria

Eliminations 46th – 71st – P7,000
46th Dan Mesina
47th Ardean Caballero
48th Tin Fu Trajano
49th Rick Ambata
50th Jimbo Hombrebueno
51st Jeffrey Cabato
52nd Antonio Lugo
53rd Rigoberto Pantollano
54th Jason Mungcal
55th Junix Talosig
56th Mark Anthony Inson
57th Ron Alvin Rivera
58th Cristopher Runas
59th Andrei Sarmiento
60th Richard Castillo
61st Dominic Vitualla
62nd Rey Concepcion
63rd Taehyun Park
64th Edwin Marzan
65th Marc Jauod
66th Marco Almerez
67th Rico De La Cruz
68th Bryan Anthony Degoma
69th Bernie Angeles
70th David Yuh
71st Josie Bagunu

Congratulations to all the players that reached the money!