The Metro Card Club Bad Beat Jackpot Mechanics

by The Metro on July 21, 2017

1. The bad beat Daily Progressive Jackpot shall apply to 25/50, 50/100 & above Texas Hold’em Jackpot cash game tables only.
2. Initial seed amount is Php 500,000.
3. In order to qualify for the bad beat jackpot, a player must have Aces full of tens or better, beaten by Quads or higher.
4. Both the winning and losing player must use both of their ‘Hole’ cards to create the possible highest hand.
5. If Aces full of tens is beaten to qualify, at least one of the player’s hole cards must be an Ace. Three Aces on the board combined with pocket pair of Tens or better does not qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot.
6. In the case of Quads/Four of a Kind (4) being used as a qualifying hand, the Kicker must play or tie the board.
7. In the case of Straight Flush or Royal Flush being used as a qualifying hand, both hole cards must play to make the best five-card possible.
8. For the Bad Beat Jackpot to qualify, the hand has to go to the river and must go to showdown. All cards must be dealt, all betting must be completed and all hands must be tabled. Only the first board applies if players elect to run it more than once.
9. Both winning and losing hands must be the player’s best possible combination of five cards (only the 1st and 2nd best hand qualifies)
10. The pot must be at least twenty times the Big Blind to be eligible for the bad beat jackpot. (25/50 = 1,000 pot ; 50/100 = 2,000 pot)
11. A minimum of 5 players must be dealt in and seated at the beginning of the hand in order to qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot.
12. Bad Beat Jackpot rake conditions;
• For 25/50 table
*P25 will be taken from the pot if pot is P1000- P2975.
*P50 will be taken from the pot if pot is P3,000 and above.
• For 50/100 table
*P50 will be taken from the pot if pot is P2000-P4975.
*P100 will be taken from the pot if pot is P5000 and above.
• No Bad Beat Jackpot is to be removed from the pot if less than 5 players.
• No flop No Drop policy is enforced for the Bad Beat Jackpot rake.
13. A minimum of five players must be dealt in and seated at the beginning of the hand and rake of the Bad Beat Jackpot must be collected in order to qualify for the Bad Beat promo.
14. Players not dealt in at the start of the hand will not be eligible for a percentage of the Bad Beat Jackpot. (Active player in this promo is defined as a player who is dealt in and has not missed blind).
15. A player who table changes, removes, cashes out his or her chips from the game before the showdown of a hand where the bad beat jackpot is won forfeits his/her right to any prize money.
16. If a player walks away from the game but leaves chips on the table, he/she will retain his/her right to table share of the Bad Beat Jackpot if the Bad Beat Jackpot hand occurs.
17. Player must play their hands independently. If any player whether directly or indirectly involved in the hand passes information or instructs another player how to act or reveals their hand to other player, the Bad Beat Jackpot will be disqualified. (One player to a hand rule shall apply. Violation of this rule will disqualify the Jackpot). Indirect player/ player not involved in the hand that made comments or passed information or instruct another player to act or revealed their hand will lose his right for table share.
18. Any player exposing their cards intentionally before action is complete will disqualify his/her rights to a table share if the Bad Beat Jackpot hand occurs.
19. Any irregularities in the deck in play (improper number of cards, fouled deck, switched cards etc.), and the hand in play (exposed card, burn and turn etc.) will disqualify the Bad Beat Jackpot.
20. If there are more than (2) two hands involved in a Bad Beat Jackpot, then the (2) two highest hands will be considered for the jackpot. The highest hand being the WINNING HAND and the second highest hand being the BAD BEAT HAND. The others will qualify for the table share.
21. In the event of a Bad Beat Jackpot being hit on more than one table at the same time, both tables will split the jackpot. To determine the possible split: When the jackpot is hit at a particular table, all other tables will be asked to complete action and stop. During this process and if another Bad Beat Jackpot hand is hit, then it will be deemed a split. Action is determined to start when the first card has been dealt.
22. Listed below is the allocation of daily Bad Beat Jackpot rake fund.
30% Administration fee (applicable Pagcor Share fee shall apply)
70% Bad Beat Jackpot Fund (50% Main Jackpot; 50% Reserve Jackpot)
23. Players are eligible to win the posted progressive Bad Beat Jackpot amount which is updated every day after 1PM.
24. Initial seed amount of P500,000 for starting the main progressive Bad Beat Jackpot will be funded by the Metro Card Club.
• When the main progressive Bad Beat Jackpot is hit, it will revert back to the initial P500,000 held in the Reserve Jackpot.
• Metro Card Club will shoulder the remainder should the 1st reserved Bad Beat Jackpot fund be unable to cover the initial seed amount.
• Should the Reserved Bad Beat Jackpot fund exceed the initial 500,000 seed amount, it will go to the 2nd Reserve fund and so on and so forth to supply the seed for the subsequent Bad Beat Jackpot fund.
25. The Bad Beat Jackpot will remain pending until it is verified by CCTV. If the jackpot is hit again before the verification of the 1st jackpot, the second jackpot will be eligible for the reserve jackpot. If it has been found that the initial Bad Beat Jackpot did not qualify, the 2nd jackpot will be entitled to the Main Jackpot once verification is complete.
26. To collect the Bad Beat Jackpot payout, all winning players at the winning table are required to provide two valid ID with photo and submit their tax identification number (TIN), Passport (if foreign national) in order to get paid.
27. A 20% withholding tax shall be deducted from individual payouts exceeding ten thousand pesos (Php 10,000).
28. Payouts for the Bad Beat Jackpot is as follows;
• If 25/50 table hits the jackpot – 50% of the main jackpot fund will be distributed
• If 50/100 table and above hits the jackpot – 100% of the main jackpot fund will be distributed
40% – Losing Hand
25% – Winning Hand
35% – Shared by other qualified players at the table
29. All participants must be at least 21 years of age and management may decline the acceptance of a person from receiving the jackpot if found to be a blacklisted person (e.g. self-exclusion, barred, suspended). In this case, those funds will be added to the Reserve Jackpot Fund.
30. Management reserves the right to verify eligibility of all qualifying hands. There will be no recourse if the cards are mucked before surveillance was able to verify the hands and the community cards. Metro Card Club management will not reconstruct the hands in any way.
31. Any dispute or situation not covered by the official Bad Beat Jackpot Rules will be resolved by the Metro Card Club Management in a manner deemed by them to be the fairest to all concerned and that the decision shall be final and without recourse.
32. Metro Card Club reserve the right to void any hand and/or change, cancel or modify this promotion at any time subject to regulatory approval.

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