The Metro Card Club crowned its newest RVS CUP 5 Million Guaranteed champion with Christopher Chua overcoming a very tough final day. Today’s last stage to the finish line was clocked at 13 hours and despite its difficulties, Chua weathered the swings to capture the P1,500,000 first prize and the gorgeous champions trophy.

Entering the Final Day, Chua was ranked fifth in chips out of the 27 players that started. He immediately fattened up his stack by eliminating Shin Kyun Choi (27th). When the field downsized to two tables, Chua claimed his second victim, Jason Kyle Magbanua (14th), with A-K fully dominating 10-8. By the time the final table of ten was formed, Chua was higher up in the ranks entering the last elliptic in fourth position.

Final table run

It was at this stage that Chua’s successes took a brief pause. During the intensely long seven-handed round, he lost several small pots to fall near the bottom rank. On a couple of those occasions, he was even seen folding his raises to the more aggressive players. However despite the drop, it was also at this stage where Chua had his most defining moment. Facing a three-bet all in, he mustered up the guts to risk it all against Christopher Pasion. He won the bout with over and zoomed back up the chip rung.

At four-handed, he soared even higher winning a head-to-head battle against Seok Uk Hong, the player who owned the chip lead for most of the Final Day. Chua’s stayed well above Hong’s .

Road to victory

After the eventual fall of the mighty Hong in 4th place, it was the three-handed round that gave Chua his headaches. He plunged down in chips in a big losing hand against Korea’s Ji Won Seo with paying a costly double up to Seo’s .

Crippled down to one big blind, Chua fought his way out of the dregs landing a much needed double up plus several blinds and antes. When he edged Seo in chips, he shut down the Korean in 3rd place with victorious over .

The heads up round against Bienvenido Guevarra lasted only two hands with Chua doubling up on the first hand with landing trip jacks against Guevarra’s . The victory hand was pocket fours holding its own against K-6 suited clubs.

Congratulations to Christopher Chua!! He bested the massive 1,176 entry field of the RVS CUP 5 Million Guaranteed Philippine Poker Championship 2017.

You can read up on all the exciting Final Day action in the News page of the Metro website. Read up on who booted who, and how the final 27 players fared at the felt.

Final Day Live Updates

Top 10 payouts
1 – Christopher Chua – P1,500,000
2 – Binevenido Guevarra – P762,500
3 – Ji Won Seo – P390,000
4 – Seong Uk Hong – P200,000
5 – Manuel Mascunana – P125,000
6 – Christopher Pasion – P90,000
7 – Czardy Rivera – P70,000
8 – Jan Morris Bolotaolo – P60,000
9 – Delfino Ty – P50,000
10- Rey Concepcion – P40,000