The METRO SUMMER EVENT 3 MILLION GUARANTEED kicked off yesterday afternoon and after 15 rounds of grueling competitive action, the 113 entry field was slashed to just 19 remaining warriors.

Closing Day 1A with a commanding stack was Christopher Pasion with 370,900. To give you an idea how big that was, it was equal to 18 heads scalped! This was another strong showing by the Filipino player who finished 6th at the RVS CUP 2017. Pasion has now set the bar for the next starting day. Also bagging up a big stack was Kruschev Varona with 277,700. Other notable survivors were Emmanuel Segismundo and Joseph Sia. Chip counts below.

Burning up the felt today is Day 1B at 3pm. This is the second of four entry days on the schedule. Buy-in is P5,500 + P500 entry fee with a two-entry limit per day per player. Players begin with a deep 20,000 stack with opening blinds at 25-50. Blinds increase every 30 minutes with late registration closing at the start of Level 8.

Day 1A chip counts: 19 players
Christopher Pasion 370,900
Kruschev Varona 277,700
Jun Talosig 151,900
Bonifacio Mondalo 151,200
JImmie Javier 143,500
Emmanuel Segismundo 141,200
Richard Castillo 124,700
Annie Elizaga 124,200
Joseph Sia 109,000
Brian McAllister 93,900
Eduardo Alcos 93,800
Noli Cruz 77,600
Richard Nakila 77,200
Julian Lagman 72,900
Ed Pinga 72,000
Digno Camacho 59,100
Eugenio Nuguid 56,100
Jeffrey Calma 45,600
Anton Ragaza 27,600