Hernan “Warren” Villa, a 40-year-old former billiards rack boy from Quezon City walked away with the biggest chunk of the PhP1M guarantee in the recently concluded “Metro Walk to a Million” by defeating veteran Metro regular Dennis Reyes in the finale.

Villa pocketed PhP341K for his efforts.

Villa, who had the best stack at the end of Day 1D–the tournament’s final qualifying flight–was fourth in chips at the end of Day 2 action, putting himself right in the thick of things.

Of the Dat 1 chip-leaders–Janno Riga (Day 1A), Talebi Araz (Day 1B), Dave Erquiaga (Day 1C) and Villa–only Villa and the Iranian Araz made it to Day 3 with Araz being the first casualty of the last day.

Villa remained in the hunt and eventually advanced to the Final Table by staying under the radar. But his roller coaster ride was only beginning.

At one point in the Final Table, he was reduced to a mere 12 BBs after being stacked by his opponents. After two double-ups, he clashed with then chip-leader Paul Capule and rivered a set to grab the chip lead and began controlling the game.

When it became three-handed, he lost a big pot to eventual third placer Jeffrey Calma when the latter trapped him with trops on the flop, but managed to keep his poise and later on eliminate Calma via a straight on the turn beating Calma’s top pair to arrange a titular duel with Reyes.

The start of Heads-Up did not bode well for Villa as he immediately lost his 3-1 lead and became wary of his seasoned foe.

But when Reyes’ stack dropped after missing on a straight draw chase, Villa reignited his aggression and eventual outdrew Reyes to win it all.

Villa now joins inaugural champion Trifie Montebon, Ryan Malangin and the legendary Lester Edoc in the winners’ circle and will look to continue his run in the Metro 2M gtd tourney happening this August.

The Metro thanks all those who came and supported the tournament as the 638 entries showed the renaissance of poker is only beginning, and The Metro will be at the forefront as the undisputed pillar in the industry.

We look forward to seeing you in action in this August 30-September 4 for your shot at being the next poker icon here at the Metro.