The METRO SUMMER EVENT 3M GTD  wrapped up the Main Event with Joseph Sia defeating Euryd Rivera to capture his first major Metro event title and the P860,000 first place purse.

Jpseph Sia, 2018 MSE 3M winner

The 3M Guaranteed Main Event kicked off on April 11 with 599 entries amassed to drive the prize pool up to P3,294,500. The final 17 players returned to the felt today and after just four hours of competitive action, the field was quickly down to the final two players, Sia and Rivera.

Prior to reaching the heads up round, it was during the final 7 where Sia charged up the ranks to  take the chip lead for the first time. He doubled up through Bryan Santos with his full house over nut flush on a board of ; then he railed Santos immediately after with pocket kings over Q-10.

After the next four players fell, Sia faced Rivera for the title with both players at even stacks. The moment Sia took the chip lead, he never looked back. Rivera played catch up for the next three hours. Despite doubling up a couple of times, Rivera still couldn’t reach par and the final hand was dealt. Rivera moved all in on a flop and Sia snap-called. Rivera had nut flush draw while Sia had pair. The turn and river completed the board and the 3M champion emerged.

Congratulations to Joseph Sia for his victory!!

You can read up on the action in the Live Updates page of the News site or click here.

The Metro would like to thank everyone for coming out to support our second big festival of the year. We will be back in late June for the next one!