Good morning players! Get ready for what will surely be a packed house at the Metro Card Club with the last starting day of the 2 MILLION Guaranteed Main Event on deck. As it stands, 62 players have already advanced to Day 2. If you aren’t one of them, then head to the felt today. This is your last chance. Cards in the air at 3pm.

As always, the Metro event is suited for any type of bankroll with the buy-in set at a low P3,500+P500 fee. For those that bust out early, you will be allowed an additional two re-entries so time to make it count. However, keep in mind that registration closes at the start of Level 8. Players may also attempt for multiple stacks with only the best stack moving forward. 

Important game info: Starting stack is 15,000. Level 1 blinds open at 25-50 with increases every 30 minutes. Players bag and tag at the end of 15 levels. After today’s final heat, Day 2 follows on Sunday, August 26. The Final Day is on Monday August 27. Both Day 2 and the Final Day will see the blinds increase every 40 minutes.

Day 1C recap

Yesterday’s Day 1C flight saw a lighter turnout than the previous days with 136 entries. 23 runners survived with Dominic Vitualla bagging up the largest stack of 242,400.

Dominic Vitualla, Day 1C chip leader

Impressively, Vitualla was the only player in this heat that amassed a stack in contention with the previous starting day leaders. He is currently ranked second overall with Day 1C leader, Jasper Salonga David way ahead. That may all change though with Day 1D still to go.

Familiar faces follow down the Day 1C chip rung with Benjamin Mangaliman stacking up the second highest of 157,000, and to round out the top three was David Erquiaga with 127,600. Also making it through were Metro multi-winners poker pro Lester Edoc (98,500) and Mark Amparo (101,600). 

Day 1C survivors:

1 Dominic Vitualla 242,400
2 Benjamin Mangaliman 157,000
3 David Jansen Erquiaga 127,600
4 Vamerdino Magsakay 113,800
5 Francois Michel Castillo 104,800
6 Joseph SIa 102,800
7 David Sanil Hwang 101,700
8 Mark Anthony Amparo 101,600
9 Lester Edoc 98,500
10 Koji Mitsuhashi 92,100
11 Jason Mungcal 91,700
12 Alexander Lai 86,600
13 Ruderico Dela Cruz 76,200
14 Renato Pacayra 70,400
15 Dennis Reyes 69,100
16 Marco Almerez 61,300
17 Bernardo Angeles 60,200
18 Bryan Anthony Degoma 58,900
19 Roque Lima Jr III 54,700
20 Micah David 47,200
21 Lemmor Patulot 45,200
22 David Yuh 39,300
23 Edwin Marzan 36,400

Day 1A recap
Day 1B recap