12:05AM Marvin Cerbito wins the Metro WALK TO A MILLION Main Event!

Marvin Cerbito – Metro WALK TO A MILLION champion

Marvin Cerbito has done it! He is the new Metro champion! Cerbito entered the final day running fourth in chips out of the 18 remaining players and after nine hours, he went on to win the race to capture the title and pocket P285,638. Congratulations Marvin Cerbito!


12:05AM Michael De Leon out in 2nd place – P144,930
Level 35 100K-200K ante 30K

Michael De Leon, 2nd place

Michael De Leon moved in with his remaining 2.4M chips with and Marvin Cerbito called with . The board ran to counterfeit De Leon’s pocket pair and end the tournament with Cerbito as the newest Metro champion. 


12:00AM Marvin Cerbito pulling away… shows his full house
Level 35 100K-200K ante 30K

Marvin Cerbito got some hefty pay for his gorgeous full house. He initiated the action with a 500k raise preflop and Michael De Leon called. At the flop [ , both checked. On the turn Cerbito sent out 500k and De Leon called. On the river , Cerbito bet 1.1M, De Leon raised to 2.5M, Cerbito shoved, and De Leon with the snap-fold. Cerbito shipped it while showing his full house.

Cerbito up 10.44M, De Leon down to 2.43M.


11:45PM Marvin Cerbito exposes De Leon’s bluff
Level 35 100K-200K ante 30K

Marvin Cerbito raised to 560k and Michael De Leon called. At the flop , both checked. On the turn, Cerbito bet 620k and De Leon check-called. On the river , De Leon switched up and fired 1.2M sending Cerbito tanking. Cerbito found the courage to call and it was a good one with his top pair exposing De Leon’s bluff.


11:35PM Michael De Leon doubles up
Level 34 80K-160K ante 20K

The next showdown between Michael De Leon and Marvin Cerbito began with a raise by Cerbito, three-bet to 1.5M by De Leon, a shove by Cerbito, and an instant call by De Leon who was at risk.

De Leon

With the board running , De Leon shipped in a double up.


11:25PM Marvin Cerbito takes the lead
Level 34 80K-160K ante 20K

Marvin Cerbito raised to 300k, Michael De Leon shoved, and after deliberating, Cerbito called for his tournament life

De Leon

The board ran improving Cerbito to a flush to avoid the rail and double up. Cerbito now in the lead with 8.74M while De Leon dropped to 4.13M.


11:15PM Heads up between Michael De Leon and Marvin Cerbito
Level 34 80K-160K ante 20K

Heads up! Marvin Cerbito vs Michael De Leon

We have reached heads up for the extra P100K and the title! Chip counts are as follows:

Michael De Leon 8.490M
Marvin Cerbito 4.380M


11:15PM Besay Gonzalez out in 3rd place – P202,408
Level 34 80K-160K ante 20K

Besay Gonzalez, 3rd place

After paying a costly double up to Michael De Leon, Besay Gonzalez three-bet shoved on the next hand with and faced initial raiser De Leon once again who held . The board ran to end Gonzalez in 3rd place.


11:10PM Michael De Leon turns the set to double up through Gonzalez
Level 34 80K-160K ante 20K

Big double was just awarded to Michael De Leon! Action kicked off with Marvin Cerbito raising to 340k, called by Michael De Leon on the sb, then Besay Gonzalez three-bet to 1M. Both Cerbito and De Leon called. On the flop ,

De Leon shoved, Gonzalez called, and Cerbito tank-folded.

De Leon

De Leon needing a miracle, it came on the turn as the landed for a set. The river ended the hand for a huge double up to De Leon.


11:00PM Yun Rong Cheong out in 4th place – P223,544
Level 33 60K-120K ante 20K

Yun Rong Cheong, 4th place

After a series of exchanges with big pots moving around the felt, the next elimination arrived. It began with Marvin Cerbito raising to 270k, Michael De Leon called, then Yun Rong Cheong shoved for an additional 1.8M. Cerbito called and De Leon got out of the way.


The board ran well for Cerbito landing for two pair to send Cheong out in 4th place.


10:30PM Deal reached
Level 33 60K-120K ante 20K

Players reached an ICM deal with P100,000 remaining in the pot for the eventual champion. Here is the guaranteed payout per player:

Michael De Leon P144,930
Yun Rong Cheong P223,544
Besay Gonzalez P202,408
Marvin Cerbito P185,638


10:00PM Jan Morris Bolotaolo eliminated in 5th place – P56,000
Level 32 50K-100K ante 10K

Jan Morris Bolotaolo, 5th place

Jan Morris Bolotaolo hung on with his short stack with two triple ups but still couldn’t bring it to the finish line having just been railed in 5th place by Marvin Cerbito. Bolotaolo moved all in for 414k, Cerbito and Michael De Leon called. At the flop , it was checked. On the turn it was check check again. Then on the river , no bets and all hands were tabled.

Cerbito flush
De Leon


9:50PM Michael De Leon pays Besay Gonzalez’s straight
Level 32 50K-100K ante 10K

Besay Gonzalez limped from the button, sb Marvin Cerbito limped as well, then bb Michael De Leon raised to 350k. Only Gonzalez called. At the flop , no bets came. On the turn Gonzalez bet 300k and De Leon with the quick call. On the river , Gonzalez fired out 800k, and De Leon called again. Gonzalez turned over for the nuts. Gonzalez now up to 4.2M while De Leon dropped to 2.5M.


9:40PM Another triple up for Jan Morris Bolotaolo
Level 32 50K-100K ante 10K

Jan Morris Bolotaolo picked up another triple up to keep him in the running. Action began with Michael De Leon raising to 250k, Bolotaolo all in for 158k, and Besay Gonzalez calling the initial raise for a side pot. At the flop , no bets came. On the turn, De Leon bet and won the side pot with Gonzalez folding.

De Leon

The river sealed the win for Bolotaolo taking down the main pot.


9:35PM Melchor Vasquez out in 6th place – P40,000
Level 32 50K-100K ante 10K

Melchor Vasquez, 6th place

Melchor Vasquez shoved with only to run into Michael De Leon’s . No magic happened on the board and Vasquez bowed out in 6th place.


9:30PM Jan Morris Bolotaolo triples up
Level 32 50K-100K ante 10K

With less than a big blnd, Jan Morris Bolotaolo went all in wiht and got called by two players Melchor Vasquez J-4 and Michael De Leon Q-4. The board ran with no side pot generated. Bolotaolo tripled up with two pair.


9:25PM  Jan Morris Bolotaolo spirals down to one big blind
Level 32 50K-100K ante 10K

Short stacked Jan Morris Bolotaolo moved all in with and another short stack Marvin Cerbito joined with all his chips holding . With no other callers, the board ran for a double up to Cerbito to over 1M while Bolotaolo fell to 97k.

9:05PM Besay Gonzalez ships a massive double up through Cerbito
Level 31 40K-80K ante 10K

Besay Gonzalez raised to 250k, Marvin Cerbito shoved, and Gonzalez called putting himself at risk.


The board bricked for a huge double up to Gonzalez. He now has over 3.1M while Cerbito dropped to 656k.


8:45PM Yun Rong Cheong retakes the lead
Level 31 40K-80K ante 10K

Yun Rong Cheong raised to 200k, Besay Gonzalez called, Michael De Leon three-bet to 700k, Cheong four-bet to 2.7M, and Cheong won it with no callers. He is back at high command with around 3.8M.


8:35PM Yun Rong Cheong gains some back from De Leon
Level 30 35K-70K ante 10K

Heated action between Yun Rong Cheong and Michael De Leon began with Cheong defending his big blind with a raise to 340k. De Leon called from the button. At the flop , Cheong c-bet 350k and De Leon called. On the turn, Cheong fired 1M and De Leon gave up his hand while showing A-10.


8:20PM Michael De Leon back on top! Takes a chunk from Cheong
Level 30 35K-70K ante 10K

Catching the action on a completed board of and a pot of around 910k already in the middle, Michael De Leon check-called Yun Rong Cheong’s 900k bet and shipped it with his pair over Cheong’s air. Cheong drops to around 2.5M, De Leon has regained the chip lead with over 4.5M.


8:15PM Up and down for Jan Morris Bolotaolo 
Level 30 35K-70K ante 10K

Jan Morris Bolotaolo is heating up the action in this new round. The first hand saw him three-bet Michael De Leon’s raise from 200K to make it 650K and won it with De Leon folding. Next hand, Bolotaolo raised to 200K, Marvin Cerbito three-bet all in 1.326M, Bolotaolo folded. On the third hand, De Leon limped from the sb seat and Bolotaolo checked on the big blind. The flop came , both checked. On the turn, De Leon fired 90k and Bolotaolo called. On the river, another 120k from De Leon and Bolotaolo called. De Leon won the pot with .


8:00PM 6 players remaining
Level 30 35K-70K ante 10K

Chip counts:
Marvin Cerbito 1.2M
Besay Gonzalez 1.595M
Yun Rong Cheong 4.080M
Jan Morris Bolotaolo 1.3M
Michael De Leon 2.5M
Melchor Vasquez 2M


7:40PM Bonifacio Mondalo eliminated in 7th place – P32,000
Level 29 30K-60K ante 10K

Bonifacio Mondalo, 7th place

As quick as it came, it was gone. Immediately after his double up, Bonifacio Mondalo was all in with and Yun Rong Cheong looked him up with . Though ahead, the cards landed for two pair to Cheong to eliminate Mondalo in 7th place.


7:35PM Short stacked Bonifacio Mondalo recovers some of the lost chips
Level 29 30K-60K ante 10K

Short stacked Bonifacio Mondalo recovered some of the lost chips he paid to Michael De Leon by doubling up through his nemesis in this hand. De Leon raised to 180k, Mondalo three-bet all in to 213k, and De Leon called.

De Leon

The board ran for winning flush to Mondalo.


7:25PM Michael De Leon doubles up through Mondalo
Level 29 30K-60K ante 10K

On a four way limped pot, the flop ran . Betting followed leaving only two players vying for the pot, Michael De Leon and Bonifacio Mondalo. On the turn, De Leon opened, Cerbito shoved, and De Leon with the snap-call.

De Leon

The river was no help to Cerbito and De Leon shipped in a huge double up to 2.2M.


7:00PM Victor Miranda downed in 8th place – P24,000
Level 28 25K-50K ante 5K

Victor Miranda, 8th place

Victor Riston Miranda went head-to-head against the leader Yun Rong Cheong. Action began with a 110 raise preflop by Cheong, re-raised to 270k by Miranda on the big blind, called by Cheong. At the flop , Miranda quickly moved all in and Cheong called after a minute of deliberation.


The turn improved Cheong to a straight and went on to ship is when the river felted . Miranda out in 8th place.


6:45PM Jan Morris Bolotaolo vs Michael De Leon
Level 28 25K-50K ante 5K

Heated action just went down between utg Jan Morris Bolotaolo and big blind Michael De Leon. On a flop , De Leon checked, Bolotaolo bet 160k, De Leon replied with a raise to 510k, and Bolotaolo shoved for an additional 481k to De Leon. De Leon folded.

De Leon down to 650k and Bolotaolo up to 1.78M.


6:15PM Double knockout! Vasquez sends Magsakay and Castillo to the rail
Level 27 20K-40K ante 5K

The first double knockout of the final day has just been witnessed with Melchor Vasquez as the happy benefactor of two stacks. It was a three-way all in that went…

Vamerdino Magasakay
Melchor Vasquez
Regin Castillo

The board bricked and it was a sweep. Castillo finished 9th for P20,000 and with less chips, Magsakay finished 10th for P16,000.

Regin Castillo, 9th place

Vamerdino Magsakay, 10th place

We are down to 8 players.


6:10PM: Yun Rong Cheong lands a big double through leader De Leon
Level 27 20K-40K ante 5K

The only non-Filipino at the final table has just stolen the chip lead from Michael De Leon. Yun Rong Cheong from Singapore and De Leon stared down a board , Cheong bet 200k, De Leon shoved his massive stack, Cheong called for his tournament life.

De Leon

The river secured the win for Cheong and doubled up to 2.6M.


6:00PM Jan Morris Bolotaolo doubles up through Vamerdino Magsakay
Level 27 20K-40K ante 5K

First all in called at the final table was between Jan Morris Bolotaolo and Vamerdino Magsakay . The board ran . Bolotaolo doubled up to over 1M while Magsakay dropped to aournd 340K.


5:45PM: Final Table begins
Level 27 20K-40K ante 5K

Metro WALK TO A MILLION Final Table

We have reached the final table! 10 players remaining! Congratulations to all the players! The hunt for the title continues and the P430,000 first prize. Good luck to all!

Blinds have been rolled back one level.

Estimated chip counts:
Melchor Vasquez 1.5M
Michael De Leon 2.6M (chip leader)
Regin Castillo 660K
Jan Morris Bolotaolo 508K
Yun Rong Cheong 1.258M
Besay Gonzalez 1.78M
Victor Miranda 1.29M
Marvin Cerbito 1.5M
Vamerdino Magsakay 850K
Bonifacio Mondalo 1.6M


5:32PM Perry Jarry Galarosa hits the wall in 11th place – P12,000
Level 28 25K-50K ante 5K

Perry Jarry Galarosa, 11th place

Next out was Perry Galarosa sent to the rail by Besay Gonzalez. On a flop of , Gonzalez bet 100k, Galarosa raised to 220k, and Gonzalez called. On the turn, Gonzalez checked to Galarosa who tank-shoved his remaining 249k. Gonzalez called putting Galarosa at risk.


The river gave both a full house with Gonzalez shipping it with a higher spread.


5:30PM Jessie Philip Bulatao bows out in 12th place – P12,000
Level 28 25K-50K ante 5K

Jessie Philip Bulatao, 12th place

Jessie Philip Bulatao risked it all with and had to fade off Melchor Vasquez’s . With the board running , Bulatao bowed out in 12th place.


5:20PM Jimbo Hombrebueno out in 13th place – P10,000
Level 28 25K-50K ante 5K

Jimbo Hombrebueno, 13th place

The new level quickly saw the fall of Jimbo Hombrebueno in 13th place. He pushed it in with and was looked up by Marvin Cerbito with . The board ran out for a higher pair two pair to Cerbito.


5:00PM Marni Flores eliminated in 14th place – P10,000
Level 27 20K-40K ante 5K

Marni Flores Jr, 14th place

Marni Flores was all in with and was up against Bonifacio Mondalo with a dominating . The board ran . Flores finished in 14th place.


4:55PM John Clyde Tan falls hard in 15th place – P10,000
Level 27 20K-40K ante 5K

John Clyde Tan, 15th place

At one point, John Clyde Tan was the man to catch up to having topped Day 1A with a stack well above the rest. With his big stack, he entered Day 2 in high command then racked up to 7th position for the final day. His race for the title was just put to a screeching halt in two hands with Besay Gonzalez taking a huge chunk once again. The first hand Tan was all in with trips against Gonzalez’s nut flush draw on flop of . The turn granted the flush and with the river , Gonzalez doubled up and Tan fell to 223K (5.5bbs)

Tan pushed on the next hand with and was called by Victor Riston Miranda with . Tan’s day ended in 15th place with the cards landing .


4:40PM Avelino Rene Maglalang exits in 16th place – P8,000
Level 27 20K-40K ante 5K

Avelino Rene Maglalang, 16th place

Avelino Rene Maglalang has shoved all in numerous times today and has won the bout either with a double up or finding no callers. This time however, it was the end of the road for him. On a flop , he was all in with and Yun Rong Cheong put him at risk with . The turn and river gave both players a full house but Cheong’s spread was better to send Maglalang out in 16th place.


4:20PM: Great call by Melchor Vasquez 
Level 26 15K-30K ante 5K

Catching the action only on a completed board , Victor Riston Miranda bet 200K onto a sizable pot and Melchor Vasquez tank-called. It was a great call by Vasquez who opened ace high that dominated Miranda’s lower kicker.


4:15PM Ellezer Castillo out in 17th – P8,000
Level 26 15K-30K ante 5K

Ellezer Castillo, 17th place

Ellezer Castillo is out of the running in 17th place falling to Vamerdino Magsakay. There wasn’t much of a fight once the cards were shown with Castillo holding , Magsakay with , and John Clyde Tan who open-folded his pair of nines leaving Castillo barely any outs.


4:00PM Button shove double up for Vamerdino Magsakay 
Level 26 15K-30K ante 5K

With action folding around to the button, Vamerdino Magsakay moved all in and to his immediate left, sb player Victor Riston Miranda called. Magsakay , Miranda , board felted for trips to Magsakay and a double up.


3:55PM Marni Flores ships in a nice pot
Level 26 15K-30K ante 5K

On a four-way raised pot preflop, the players stared down a board . Perry Galarosa bet 78K, Marni Flores shoved 432K, Avelino Rene Maglalang folded, Yun Rong Cheong all in, and back to Galarosa who got out of the way and folded.

Maglalang trips
Flores flush draw

The turn secured the flush for Flores and with on the river, he went on to double up.


3:50PM Besay Gonzalez doubles up through John Clyde Tan
Level 26 15K-30K ante 5K

Short stacked Besay Gonzalez got a boost in chips winning the race against John Clyde Tan. From the utg seat, Gonzalez shoved his 312k stack and with action folding around the orbit to bb Tan, he tossed in the call.


The board was kind to Gonzalez felting a nice spread for a winning two pair. Gonzalez climed to around 650k.


3:30PM Vamerdino Magsakay tanks Jan Morris Bolotaolo
Level 25 12K-24K ante 4K

Action at table 2 between Vamerdino Magsakay and Jan Morris Bolotaolo sent the latter tanking until the clock was called. It began with a raise to 55K on the button by Bolotaolo and called by sb Magsakay. At the flop , Magsakay checked, Bolotaolo bet 86K, Magasakay shoved. Bolotaolo folded during the countdown and Magsakay took the pot while showing his top pair.


3:10PM Avelino Maglalang avoids the rail; doubles up through De Leon
Level 25 12K-24K ante 4K

Michael De Leon nearly sent another one packing this early in the game but instead, had to pay a small double up. Avelino Rene Maglalang was all in with and De Leon had him dominated with . The board ran giving Maglalang a lucky pair to stay in the game.


3:00PM Michael De Leon knocks out Hernan Jaybee Villa n 18th – P8,0000
Level 25 12K-24K ante 4K

Hernan Jaybee Villa – 18th place

The first casualty was quickly delivered with Hernana Jaybee Villa sent to the rail by chip leader Michael De Leon. Action kicked off with a raise to 60K by the leader, Villa jammed all in for an additional 381K, and De Leon made the call.

De Leon

The board ran for a flush on the river.



Live Updates will be posted right here so make sure to check back with us. Official starting time of the final day is 3pm. We are down to the final 18 players. One of these runners below will be crowned the newest Metro champion so stay tuned!

1 De Leon, Michael  1,733,500
2 Miranda, Victor Riston  1,259,000
3 Mondalo, Bonifacio  1,051,000
4 Cerbito, Marvin  1,040,000
5 Vasquez Jr, Melchor  978,000
6 Bolotaolo, Jan Morris  842,000
7 Tan, John Clyde  813,000
8 Cheong, Yun Rong  724,500
9 Hombrebueno, Jimbo  661,500
10 Flores, Marni Jr  658,000
11 Castillo, Francois Michel  537,500
12 Villa, Hernan Jaybee  445,000
13 Magsakay, Vamerdino  440,000
14 Galarosa, Perry Jarry  386,000
15 Gonzalez, Besay  373,000
16 Maglalang Jr, Avelino Rene  338,000
17 Bulatao, Jessie Phillip  271,000
18 Castillo, Ellezer  252,000