The Metro Card Club crowned its newest champion with Marvin Cerbito outlasting the final day’s 18 runners to capture the Metro WALK TO A MILLION Main Event title along with P285,638 in winnings. This was a huge victory for Cerbito who overcame a deficit at heads up to defeat the more experienced tournament player, Michael De Leon.

Marvin Cerbito – Metro WALK TO A MILLION champion

The Main Event had a total of 858 entries over the span of four starting days for a prize pool of P1,716,000. Out of that large attendance, only 128 players advanced to Day 2, which further downsized to 18 players entering today’s final showdown.

Winner’s story

The final day kicked off with Michael De Leon leading the pack. Cerbito wasn’t too far behind running fourth-in-chips. As players began to fall, Cerbito claimed his first elimination, railing Jimbo Hombrebueno in 13th place. A few bust outs later, it was down to the final table of 10 players with Cerbito right smack in the middle of the count.

Metro WALK TO A MILLION Final Table

Before Cerbito’s rise to the top, he would see Melchor Vasquez knock out two players simultaneously, Regin Castillo (9th) and Vamerdino Magsakay (10th). Singaporean player Yun Rong Cheong booted out Victor Miranda (8th) and several hands later, Cheong would do the same to Bonifacio Mondalo (7th).

At six-handed, Cerbito took a dive in chips, dropping to 6.5bbs after doubling up Besay Gonzalez with staying ahead of . Cerbito managed to hang on and ladder up when De Leon railed Vasquez in 6th place. With 5 remaining, short stacked Cerbito railed shorter stacked Jan Morris Bolotaolo in 5th place.

Four-handed: deal reached

The four-handed bout was one of the most grueling rounds with chips shifting from player to player. An ICM deal was finally discussed and reached with P100K put aside for the eventual champion. When the game resumed, Cerbito caught a lucky break with his spiking a pair against Cheong’s with the board running . This sent Cheong out in 4th place.

Marvin Cerbito

Getting the hard boot next was Gonzalez crippled down by De Leon with pocket eights improving to a set to crush pocket jacks. De Leon shut the door on Gonzalez with J-10 finding a pair to overcome pocket nines.

Heads up

Heads up! Marvin Cerbito vs Michael De Leon

The heads up round saw De Leon in the lead with a 2:1 advantage. It switched up when Cerbito’s improved to a flush to avoid the rail against De Leon’s . De Leon recovered some of the chips but tumbled down again on a failed bluff. Cerbito proceeded to pull away with another massive pot won with his full house on a board of .

With a dominating 5:1 advantage, Cerbito eliminated De Leon with over with the board landing .

Congratulations to the Metro’s newest champion, Marvin Cerbito!

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Final Day payouts
1st Marvin Cerbito – P285,638 (deal reached)
2nd Michael De Leon – P144,930 (deal reached)
3rd Besay Gonzalez – P202,408 (deal reached)
4th Yun Rong Cheong – P223,544 (deal reached)
5th Jan Morris Bolotaolo – P56,000
6th Melchor Vasquez – P40,000
7th Bonifacio Mondalo – P32,000
8th Victor Miranda – P24,000
9th Regin Castillo – P20,000
10th Vamerdino Magsakay – P16,000
11th Perry Jarry Galarosa – P12,000
12th Jessie Philip Bulatao – P12,000
13th Jimbo Hombrebueno – P10,000
14th Marni Flores – P10,000
15th John Clyde Tan – P10,000
16th Avelino Rene Maglalang – P8,000
17th Ellezer Castillo – P8,000
18th Hernan Jaybee Villa – P8,000

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