8:25PM – ROMMEL ANGELES the Metro’s newest champion!!

Rommel Angeles topped Day 1B of the chip counts, entered Day 2 running 3rd in chips then navigated through the field and into 2nd position for the final day. After five hours of play, he captured the title, the trophy, and the P555,000 first place purse.

Congratulations to our newest champion, ROMMEL ANGELES!!

Congratulations to our newest champion, ROMMEL ANGELES!!

The Main Event drew in 602 entries for a prize pool of P2,043,790. A total of 60 players earned a piece of the pie.

We will have a winner’s story for you in just a bit. For now, you can read up on all the action in the live reports.


8:25PM – Janette Dee takes runner up
Level 29 Blinds 30000 – 60000 ante 10000 

It took only 15 minutes for Rommel Angeles to dispose of Janette Dee and ship in all the chips. Dee won the opening pot of the round but after, it was all Angeles. As the more experienced player, he displayed prowess and domination leaving Dee two options – shove or fold – as her stack began to dwindle.

The final hand saw Dee shove with and Angeles calling with . The board felted to end the tournament.

Dee earned P285,000 for her impressive performance while the Metro’s newest champion, Rommel Angeles, was awarded the sweet P555,000 first place purse.

8:10PM – Heads up!

From 18 players starting out today we are now down to the final two players! Here’s how it looks:

Rommel Angeles 6.73M
Janette Dee 2.3M

Good luck!

8:10PM – Emmanuel Segismundo exits in 3rd place
Level 29 Blinds 30000 – 60000 ante 10000 

Emmanuel Segismundo could only go as far as 3rd place with Rommel Angeles running hot and no signs of slowing down. Segismundo moved all in with and Angeles with the easy call holding . The board ran further improving Angeles to a pair – though not needed – and Segismundo bowed out. He earned P162,000 for his deep finish.


8:05PM – William Anonuevo falls in 4th place
Level 29 Blinds 30000 – 60000 ante 10000 

It was immediate action after the break with chip leader Rommel Angeles putting the heat on. This resulted in the fall of William Anonuevo in 4th place. Anonuevo was all in on a flop and Angeles snap-called. Anonuevo had flush draw and Angeles with . The turn and river were not the outs Anonuevo needed. He earned P110,000 for his deep finish.

7:50PM – Break time and Chip Counts
Level 28 Blinds 25000 – 50000 ante 5000

We are at a break. Several pots were claimed by both Angeles and Dee to send their chips to the top. Here are the estimated chip counts as we enter the break:

Rommel Angeles 3.28M
Janette Dee 2.35M
William Anonuevo 2.1M
Emmanuel Segismundo 1.3M

7:35PM – Janette Dee pays a costly double up to Angeles
Level 28 Blinds 25000 – 50000 ante 5000 

Janette Dee has been sitting on a mighty stack for quite some time but not anymore as she was just shaved down by Rommel Angeles. It was an all in affair preflop with Angeles and Dee . The board spread and with the cowboys staying on top, Dee paid a 1.238M double up.

Angeles now sits with 2.6M and Dee dropped to 1.8M.

7:30PM – William Angeles grinding, climbs back up
Level 28 Blinds 25000 – 50000 ante 5000 

Despite losing a couple of towers to Rommel Angeles, it didn’t stop William Anonuevo from getting aggressive at the table. He won a pot against Emmanuel Segismundo with an uncalled shove then did the same to Angeles. He is now sitting with 2.2M.

7:20PM – Rommel Angeles avoids the rail
Level 28 Blinds 25000 – 50000 ante 5000 

Rommel Angeles gambled on for all his chips and William Anonuevo called with . The board was kind to Angeles as it ran . He climbed to around 1.5M. Anonuevo dropped to 1.5M.

7:15PM – William Anonuevo wins some off Segismundo
Level 28 Blinds 25000 – 50000 ante 5000

For quite some time it has been Emmaunuel Segismundo, Janette Dee, and Rommel Angeles packing the big stack however after William Anonuevo railed Carlrex Co, he is now in a strong position to bring it to the top. In a recent hand, he entered a battle of the blinds against Segismundo who raised to 150k on the small blind. Anonuevo defended.

On the flop , Segismunod continued with a 183k bet and Anonuevo called. The turn and river 8h] saw no bets follow and Anonuevo won with air against Segismundo’s worse air.

6:50PM – Carlrex Co burned by William Anonuevo, falls in 5th place
Level 27 Blinds 20000 – 40000 ante 5000 

On a flop of , Carlrex Co moved all in for 719k sending William Anonuevo tanking for some time especially that he had 710k and was being challenged for his tournament life. He eventually found the courage to call and was not too happy seeing his behind Co’s .

However two cards were yet to come. The turn was no help to Anonuevo but the river was for trips and a double up. With 9k left, Co busted on the next hand. He earned P82,000 for his deep finish.

6:45PM – Angeles loses another pot, Carlrex Co doubles up
Level 27 Blinds 20000 – 40000 ante 5000 

After losing a huge chunk to Janette Dee, Rommel Angeles proceeded to lose more by doubling up Carlrex David Co. It was all in preflop with Co and Angeles . The board ran . Co up to 850k.

6:40PM – Janette Dee tanks Rommel Angeles, soars to 3.5M
Level 27 Blinds 20000 – 40000 ante 5000 

Janette Dee may be the lone female at the final elliptic but she is surely giving the guys plenty to think about. Such was the case in this huge hand against Rommel Angeles. It began with Angeles raising to 100K, Dee three-betting to 289K, Angeles answering back to make it 889K, and Dee moving it all in the middle. This sent Angeles to the think tank for quite some time. He eventually folded while showing . Dee shipped it but didn’t return the gesture.

6:30PM – Juan Paolo Dela Pena out 6th
Level 27 Blinds 20000 – 40000 ante 5000 

Emmanuel Segismundo ended Juan Paolo Dela Pena’s day in 6th place with staying ahead of overcards. Pena earned P62,000 for his deep finish.

We are now down to the final 5 players.

6:20PM – Mark Robert Sy out in 7th place
Level 27 Blinds 20000 – 40000 ante 5000 

Mark Robert Sy struggled with a short stack all day and impressively maneuvered his way to the final table. Unfortunately for him, his run for the title was cut short in 7th place with Rommel Angeles delivering the axe.

Angeles had and Sy with . The board came and with both getting a piece, Angeles’s set dominated to send Sy to the rail. Sy earned P46,000 for his deep finish.


6:10PM – Double elimination! Janette Dee busts Janno Alvarez ad Venoni Paltep!
Level 27 Blinds 20000 – 40000 ante 5000

It’s quite a thrill to look down at the nuts hole cards and see two players before you all in. That’s exactly what came down moments ago. Capitalizing on her was Janette Dee who saw Janno Alvarez shove and Venoni Paltep Jr following suit. Alvarez held and Paltep with . The board ran very low and very dry and we are quickly down to 7 players. Dee catapulted to 2.3 million chips and is running toe-to-toe with Emmanuel Segismundo.

Alvarez took 8th place for P34,000

Paltep in 9th for a P26,000.

6:00PM – Jonjon Lumanian burned in 10th place
Level 26 Blinds 15000 – 30000 ante 5000 

Pretty sick getting booted while going in with the better pocket pair. Jonjon Lumanian was all in with and faced Rommel Angeles with . With the board coming down , Lumanian was not happy to see the result and bowed out in 10th place to Angeles’s full house.

Lumanian earned P22,000 for his deep finish.

5:50PM – Mark Robert Sy stays in the game
Level 26 Blinds 15000 – 30000 ante 5000

 One of the shortest stacks all day is Mark Robert Sy. He started out with 124K and upon entering the final table, he only had around 200k +. He found the opportunity to move all in with and was called by Venoni Paltep Jr with . The board ran for a good double up. He now has around 450k.

5:40PM – Janno Alvarez doubles up Rommel Angeles
Level 26 Blinds 15000 – 30000 ante 5000

A big chunk of Janno Alvarez’s stack has just been shaved after losing the bout against Rommel Angeles. The hand kicked off with everyone folding around to the button player Angeles. He raised to 80k. Acting next was Alvarez who immediately jammed all in. With the big blind folding, Angeles snap-called despite having less chips.


The cards felted for a higher pair spiked by Angeles. The double up sent him to 1.1M in chips while Alvarez fell to around 530k.

5:30PM – Emmanuel Segismundo climbs to 2.2M
Level 26 Blinds 15000 – 30000 ante 5000 

And the rich get richer! Emmanuel Segismundo earned himself a nice splashy pot against Jonjon Lumanian thus producing the first big pot of the final table. Action began with Lumanian bumping it up to 62k and getting called by Segismundo and Rommel Angeles.

On the flop , action was checked to Segismundo who fired out 120k. Angeles dropped out while Lumanian continued on. The turn saw both check but on the river, betting resumed with Lumanian sending out 120k and getting the call. Lumanian was no good against Segismundo’s .

5:20PM – Final 10 reached! 

With Benjamin Mangaliman eliminated, we are down to the final table of the Metro 2M GUARANTEED! Leading the race is Emmanuel Segismundo with 1.84M in chips followed by Janette Dee with around 1.6M, and Janno Alvarez at 1M. The rest are below seven digits.

Final 10 players
Rommel Angeles
Janno Alvarez
William Anonuevo
Juan Paolo Dela Pena
Emmanuel Segismundo
Janette Dee
Mark Robert Sy
Carlrex David Co
Venoni Paltep Jr
Jonjon Lumanian

5:20PM – Benjamin Mangaliman eliminated in 11th place
Level 26 Blinds 15000 – 30000 ante 5000

Benjamin Mangaliman came tumbling out next getting the axe from none other than the executioner Janno Alvarez. Mangaliman was all in with and Alvarez had again. This time it was a winner with the board drawing blanks for Mangaliman.

Mangaliman earned P18,000 for his deep finish.

5:15PM – Richard Go out in 12th place
Level 26 Blinds 15000 – 30000 ante 5000 

After a quick ten-minute break, it was a starting day chip leader battle. Richard Go (Day 1D chip leader) was all in with A-3 offsuit and faced Rommel Angeles (Day 1B chip leader) with . The board dragged out , and with a rockin’ quads to Angeles, Go sped out in 12th place.

He earned P18,000 for his deep finish.

5:05PM – Double ups galore
Level 25 Blinds 12000 – 24000 ante 4000

Short stacks doubling up keeping us at 12 players. Benjamin Mangaliman doubled up with nut flush over Juan Paolo Dela Pena’s with the board running .

Venoni Paltep Jr doubled up through William Anonuevo with holding up against with both missing the board.

Mark Robert Sy doubled up with getting the best of Richard Go’s with the board running .

5:00PM – Melany Arcilla leaves in 13th place
Level 25 Blinds 12000 – 24000 ante 4000

One of the women has left the tournament floor with Melany Arcilla eliminated by the wrecking machine Janno Alvarez. She was all in with and Alvarez with . The board ran a crazy with both players improving. Arcilla landed her nut flush but with Alvarez holding a gorgeous boat, she was out in 13th place.

4:50PM – Ronald Carlton Tan out in 14th place
Level 25 Blinds 12000-24000 ante 4000 

It has taken some time before another player has bit the dust. Taking 14th place was Ronald Carlton Tan after getting railed by Jon Jon Lumanian. Tan had and Lumanian with . The board ran .

Tan earned P16,000 for his deep finish.

4:45PM – Emmanuel Segismundo on the move
Level 25 Blinds 12000-24000 ante 4000 

As we mentioned in one of our write ups, Emmanuel Segismundo is the man to watch out for. He has several event titles under his belt and is clearly the most decorated of the final 18 players.

So far, Segismundo has been swinging and recently just landed a lucky double up against Alvarez. Now back in the game with a healthy stack, he won a couple of nice pots to bring him to around 1.6M.

The first one was against Janette Dee who called Segismundo’s button raise from the small blind. At the flop , no bets came. On the turn, Segismundo checked, Dee bet 62k, Segismundo raised to 150k, and got the call. On the river , Segismundo bet 150k and shortly after, Dee opted to fold. Segismundo kindly showed us his hand but if you want to know….

Segismundo followed that up by taking down another pot, this time much bigger aainst Benjamin Mangaliman. Catching the action on the flop , Mangaliman bet 100k and Segismundo called. On the turn more chips were sent to the middle bringing on the river . Segismundo bet 299k and got the call. He opened full house.

4:30PM – Sick counterfeit hits Alvarez; Segismundo doubles up
Level 25 Blinds 12000-24000 ante 4000

A sick counterfeit has just been dealt to Janno Alvarez who eliminated Jimmie Javier in the same fashion. During this hand, Alvarez raised to 55k, Segismundo shoved, and snap-call by Alvarez. Segismundo and Alvarez .

Then here came the board… for better spread to Segismundo and a double up to over 800k.

4:15PM – Carlrex Co and Janette Dee take from Alvarez
Level 24 Blinds 10000-20000 ante 3000 

Janno Alvarez lost two sizeable pots, both situations without a showdown. The first big pot was against Carlrex Co.The board was , Co bet 56k, Alvarez check-raised to 141k, and Co smooth-called. On the river , Alvarez slid out a meek looking 88k and Co seemed to snuff something out and was sliding in a raise when Alvarez quickly folded showing bluff.

The next losing pot was against Janette Dee. Emmanuel Segismundo raised to 50k, Dee three-bet to 121k, Alvarez four-bet to 230k, Segismundo folded, sending the action to Dee. She asked for a count. With her over 1M stack, she announced all in and won it with Alvarez folding. Dee now up to 1.5M.

4:00PM – Jimmie Javier exits in 15th place
Level 24 Blinds 10000-20000 ante 3000

Next to hit the rail was Jimmie Javier getting all his chips in with . He was called by Janno Alvarez with . The board was unkind to Javier as it ran counterfeiting his pocket pair.

He earned P16,000 for his deep finish.

3:45PM – Carlrex Co doubles then ships some to Segismundo
Level 24 Blinds 10000-20000 ante 3000

Blinds have just gone up and capitalizing on it was Carlrex David Co. Initial raiser Janno Alvarez faced an all in by Co and after a minute, he tossed in the call. Co had and Alvarez with . When the flop ran Alvarez now had a flush draw and exclaimed, “I’ll take it!” But with the turn and river , that’s indeed all he got while Co scooped up a double up to 1M in chips.

Not long after, Co tangoed with Emmanuel Segismundo and pushed all in on a board . Segismundo tanked then called for his tournament life. Segismundo had pair while Co with a nut flush draw . The river was not the card Co needed and Segismundo shipped in a double up.

3:30PM – Long Nguyen calls to his doom, out 16th

Long Nguyen started the day to the immediate left of the chip leader Janno Alvarez giving him a bit of an edge in position. However, it would be no help as he fell to his doom just moments ago.

Sitting on the button position, Alvarez raised and Nguyen called on the small blind. On the flop , Nguyen jumped out with a bet and Alvarez called. On the turn , Nguyen slowed and checked, Alvarez pushed all in, and Nguyen called putting his tournament life on the line.

Alvarez had mid pair and Nguyen with bottom pair. The river secured the win for Alvarez and Nguyen was out in 16th place. He earned P14,000

3:15PM – Reigin Leongson out 17th

Another player has quickly fallen with Reigin Leongson eliminated by Long Nguyen. It was a preflop in showdown with Nguyen holding and Leongson behind with . The board bricked out and we are down to 16 players.

Leongson earned P14,000 for his deep finish.

3:10PM – Jessie Phillip Bulatao out 18th

The shortest stack of the bunch was Jessie Bulatao with just under 5x the big blind. He shoved on the first hand with and was called by Mark Robert Sy with . The flop dropped a dramatic for three-of-a-kind to Bulatao and a boat to Sy. With the turn and river it spelled the end for Bulatao.

He earned P14,000 for his 18th place finish.

3:05PM – Janette Dee wins sizable pot against Segismundo

One of the two ladies left in the field is Janette Dee with a decent starting stack of 774,500. She padded that up to around 945k in hand against Emmanuel Segismundo.

Action kicked off with Dee raising to 35k and Segismundo defending on the big blind. At the flop action was checked to Dee who fired out a bet and was called. She did the same on the turn, sending out 72k and again was called. On the river both players checked and her pair bested Segismundo’s . Segismundo dropped to around 500k.

3:00PM – Cards in the Air!

Game on! The final 18 players are at the feit and the first deal is underway. Good luck to all!

2:45PM – Game time in 15 minutes!!

We are 15 minutes away from game time! The final 18 players will be racing to the top for the P555,000 first place purse. The lowest payout of the day is P14,000. Everyone will be receiving a seat to the MSE worth P6,000. Total prize pool is P2,043,790. We are now at Level 23, blinds at 8000-16000 ante 2000. Blinds increase every 40 minutes.

Here are the Final 18 players (by chip count) of the Metro 2M GUARANTEED!

Final Day Chip Counts
Janno Alvarez 1,006,000
Rommel Angeles 938,000
Benjamin Mangaliman 918,000
Janette Dee 774,000
Jon-Jon Lumanian 678,000
Emmanuel Segismundo 648,500
William Anonuevo 612,000
Carlrex David Co 558,000
Jimmie Javier 541,000
Juan Paolo Dela Pena 526,000
Richard Go 378,000
Venoni Paltep Jr 314,000
Long Nguyen 269,000
Melany Arcilla 242,000
Ronald Carlton Tan 219,000
Reigin Leongson 195,500
Mark Robert Sy 124,000
Jessie Philip Bulataolo 85,500

10:00AM – A new Metro champion will be crowned today!

Who will fall and who will rise? Read all about it right here as we update you on all the action of the final day’s 18 players.

Time to crown a new Metro Card Club champion!