Good morning players! Welcome to opening day of the Metro WALK TO A MILLION! This much-anticipated event kicks off at 3pm featuring a P1,000,000 guaranteed MAIN EVENT.


To get your hands on a share of that hefty pot, take advantage of the entry days offered below:

Day 1A: Wednesday, June 27 (today)
Day 1B: Thursday, June 28
Day 1C: Friday, June 29
Day 1D, Saturday, June 30

Buyin is P2,200 with two re-entries allowed per starting day. Players begin with a deep 15,000 stack and opening blinds at 25-50. Rounds increase every 30 minutes. Keep in mind, registration closes at the start of Level 8 however play continues until the end of round 15.

Once the entry flights complete, surviving players move on to Day 2 held on Sunday, July 1. Level intervals will be lengthened to 40 minutes and will keep that pace for the rest of the event. The money usually starts flowing in this heat, well before the end of the day.

The Final Day takes place on Monday, July 2. Action runs nonstop until a champion is crowned.

Who will rise to victory and become the next Metro champion? Come on over and join the action! It may just be you!

Additionally, there will be one side event running today, the Power Button tournament. Since its introduction to the roster, this event has steadily increased in popularity with players enjoying a slight variation in the format. Button position is awarded to the player that wins the hand. Game time is at 8pm. Buyin at P1,100.

Let the games begin! See you at the Metro!