The RVS CUP 2016 Philippine Poker Championship Main Event concluded much earlier than expected with Lito Quijano fully dominating the field to seize the P1,500,000 first place cash prize.

RVS CUP 2016 Champion Lito Quijano

RVS CUP 2016 Champion Lito Quijano

The day kicked off with 20 players gunning for the title with Robert Cheng as the man with the largest stack to play with. Cheng held on to his status for some time but Quijano was lurking in the shadows inching his way upwards. Quijano entered the day running fourth in chips and after eliminating Roque Lima in 16th place and Alvin Chio in 11th (denying him a final table berth), Quijano was the massive chip leader coming into the final table of ten.

What happened next was nothing short of a wild ride. Quijano dominated the table, eliminating a total of seven players in his path. His first elimination wasn’t one player but three players simultaneously. It was a crazy hand with Joseroy Jeremias holding A-K, Danilo Javier with red pocket kings, second chip leader Robert Cheng with pocket tens, and Quijano with black pocket aces. The board ran low and boom-boom-boom, they were quickly down to 7 players.

Quijano’s next victim was Jolas Guerrero who fell in 7th place. One elimination later, Robert Bravo couldn’t get past the leader with his pocket jacks falling to Quijano’s A-Q when the ace showed up on the river. Bravo fell in 5th place.

With a towering stack to protect him, Quijano continued to put on the pressure. After Terry Gonzaga eliminated Euryd Rivera, Quijano ate up all of Michael De Leon’s chips with his J-9 top pair besting A-K that missed the board completely.

The heads up round between Gonzaga and Quijano saw the terminator ahead in chips but Gonzaga played it aggressive, winning multiple pots until he usurped the leader in chips. It didn’t take long for them to bang heads with Quijano holding pocket tens and Gonzaga with ace-queen. The board bricked and Quijano shipped in nearly all the chips, leaving Gonzaga with just five big blinds.

Three hands later it was all over with Quijano putting the finishing touches on Gonzaga to reign victorious at the Main Event.

Congratulations to Lito Quijano!

Final Day Payouts
1st Lito Quijano – P1,500,000
2nd Terry Gonzaga – P790,000
3rd Michael De Leon – P450,000
4th Euryd Rivera – P305,000
5th Robert Bravo – P215,000
6th Naveen Tiruvalluri – P155,000
7th Jolas Guerrero – P125,000
8th Robert Cheng – P105,000
9th Danilo Javier – P85,000
10th Joseroy Jeremias – P65,000
11th Alvin Chio – P45,000
12th Ivan Lato – P45,000
13th Byun Choul Seung – P36,000
14th Trifie Montebon – P36,000
15th Kim Ian Chi – P36,000
16th Roque Lima – P36,000
17th Reynaldo Aguilar – P36,000
18th Gerald Casey – P36,000
19th Czardy Rivera – P27,000
20th Joven Huerto – P27,000