Day 1C of the Metro WALK TO A MILLION was nothing short of electrifying with players pouring in for the P1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event. In the aftermath, many fell short, leaving only 35 players out of the roaring 206 entry field. Bagging up the largest stack was Japanese player Shinjo Yosuke with 251,600 in chips. Yosuke is now running second-in-command overall with Day 1A leader John Clyde Tan way up top with 318,900.

Shinjo Yosuke, Day 1C chip leader

Joining Yosuke in the upper ranks were Richard Dagar with 208,700, and in third position, Hernan Jaybee Villa with 200,300. Other notable players making it through were NLH Turbo winner, Patrick Jolas Guerrero with 71,300 and Trifie Montebon with 48,300.  Day 1C chip counts below:

1 Yosuke, Shinjo 251,600
2 Dagar, Richard 208,700
3 Villa, Hernan Jaybee 200,300
4 Miranda, Victor Riston 184,900
5 Javier, Jimmie 158,100
6 Tiu, Raymond 155,800
7 Magadan, John Jay 135,100
8 Castillo, Jan Stephen 132,700
9 Nakagawa, Hajime 107,100
10 Ruaya, Harold 103,400
11 Cerbito, Marvin 85,100
12 Tolentino, Richard 83,100
13 Roldan, Kevin 81,300
14 Cadangdang, Jemar 76,400
15 Abram, Anthony 71,600
16 Guerrero, Patrick Jolas 71,300
17 Tuason, Reynaldo 70,400
18 Inocentes, Alvir 68,900
19 Castillo, Michael M. 67,900
20 Mejia, Edralin 63,900
21 Verceles, Eddie 60,300
22 Forslund, Stephan Servilland 57,200
23 Imperio, Raymond 56,700
24 Galarosa, Perry Jarry 55,200
25 Dela Cruz, Ruderico 53,100
26 Icao, Liberty 52,600
27 Enriquez Sr., Raymond 51,300
28 Maño, Alexander 50,500
29 Montebon Ii, Trifie 48,300
30 Ambata, Rick Jason 44,700
31 Asuncion, Analee 42,300
32 Calo, Arthur 40,600
33 Allado, Diosdado Jose 37,700
34 Walath, Cesar 31,100
35 Enriquez Jr., Raymond 28,900

For those that missed the mark, you can still get back in the action. Join the weekend warriors on Saturday, June 30 for Day 1D. This is the final entry flight so bring your A-game, time to make it count! Buyin is P2,200 with two re-entries allowed. Starting stack is a deep 15,000. Opening blinds are 25-50 with increases every 30 minutes. Registration closes at the start of Level 8. Once the freezeout stage begins, action continues until the end of Level 15. Cards start flying at 3pm.

In the evening, one side event will join the main on the floor, the Mixed Game NLH/PLO starting at 8pm. This game has had a steady following giving it a permanent spot in the Metro festival rosters. Buyin is P1,100 with two re-entries allowed.

See you at the Metro!

Day 1A results
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