The first Metro Big Blind Ante champion will be crowned today with the final 18 players of the 472 entries battling it out starting at 3pm. Sitting way up top is Metro Team Pro William Ysmael with 849,500. 

Ysmael topped the competition at Day 1A then proceeded to bag up the largest stack at the end of Day 2. If he continues this pace, we will see him taking home that coveted first title. Ysmael is tabled with two players that have also topped their respective heats, Hernan Villa (Day 1C leader) and Joseph Avelino (Day 1D leader). Expect them all to have several run-ins throughout the day. Day 1B leader John Sarmiento will also be gunning for the title though he will be at the other table. 

The Metro Big Blind Ante PHP 1.5 MIllion Guaranteed drew in 472 runners over the course of four starting days. This was the first-ever tournament of its kind hosted by the Metro and it was good to see a large turnout. 

For everyone that missed the mark, the games continue at the Metro. We have a crazy fun side event taking place at 8pm, the Junior-Senior / Male-Female Double Stack event. This is a Teams event. Team buyin is PHP 2,200. If you aren’t familiar with the double stack, your team receives two starting stacks which you can put into play either all at once or one by one as long as you are not involved in a hand. 

Final Day players

# Name Chip Count Seat
1 Ysmael, William 849,500 Table 17 Seat 9
2 Peña, Jharome 678,000 Table 16 Seat 9
3 Bulauitan, Maurillo 612,000 Table 17 Seat 2
4 KGJ 538,000 Table 17 Seat 8
5 Sarmiento, John Lambert 511,000 Table 16 Seat 8
6 Almerez, Marco 488,000 Table 16 Seat 3
7 Ambata, Rick Jason 478,000 Table 17 Seat 4
8 Dela Pena, Juan Paolo 451,000 Table 16 Seat 4
9 Ramayrat, Cris Gary 407,000 Table 16 Seat 1
10 Castillo, Ellezer 351,000 Table 16 Seat 7
11 Angeles, Rommel 288,000 Table 17 Seat 6
12 Villa, Hernan Jaybee 285,900 Table 17 Seat 1
13 Avelino, Joseph Michael 239,500 Table 17 Seat 3
14 Castillo, Richard 209,500 Table 17 Seat 7
15 Pacayra, Renato 208,500 Table 16 Seat 2
16 Garcia, Wendell Davis 194,000 Table 17 Seat 5
17 Bernardo, Luis 144,000 Table 16 Seat 5
18 De Leon, Enrique 115,000 Table 16 Seat 6