After six days of 2M Main Event action that dragged in 600 entries, the champion emerged! William Ysmael defeated Riener Magbutay III in the final heads up round to win the P560,000 top prize and be crowned the Metro’s newest head honcho.

While the day began with 18 players returning to the felt, Ysmael’s rise to the top only happened during the short-handed round of the final table. With five players left, Ysmael had one of the shorter stacks and went toe-to-toe against Venoni Paltep Jr who had a similar stack that only covered Ysmael by one big blind. Ysmael’s A-10 went on to win against A-7 and from there he went on a hot streak that led to his victory.

Next on the Ysmael chopping block was John Lambert Sarmiento in 4th place. Sarmiento was the boss with the largest stack for most of the day. Once that lead was grabbed, he was unable to recover. Ysmael sent him packing quite easily with his pocket kings. Not long after, another offered his head, this time it was George Salud. Salud shoved with 2-2 on a turn board of 7-6-7-10 and Ysmael sent him away with his 10-9 higher two pair. The river was a 9.

Entering the heads up round, Ysmael was slightly ahead in chips against Magbutay. With Magbutay also making some great moves all day, he won enough early hands to steal the high rank from Ysmael. Then that one hand came down. The defining hand of the night. Both players were all in with Ysmael holding J-J and Magbutay with K-K. Looking like a Magbutay victory, the cards ran 9-A-6-A by the turn and celebration at the rail seemed imminent but it was not to be as Ysmael spiked a crazy Jack on the river to improve him to a full house and crack Magbutay’s kings.

Like he did to Paltep, this left Magbutay one big blind. Magbutay managed to hang on for two more hands but on the third double up, the game ended. Ysmael became the Metro Card Club’s newest 2M Main Event champion!

Congratulations to William Ysmael for his victory at the Main Event! He captured the P560,000 first prize and the Main Event trophy.

Final Table payouts
1st William Ysmael – P560,000
2nd Riener Magbutay III – P285,000
3rd George Salud – P147,000
4th John Lambert Sarmiento – P90,000
5th Venoni Paltep Jr – P64,000
6th Dave Erquiaga – P52,000
7th JC Sayo – P44,000
8th Christopher Lingbaoan – P36,000
9th Patrick Jolas Guerrero – P32,000
10th Arnold Santiago – P28,000

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